KMA_PhotoFest_Logo_White_BBWelcome to North West Photo Fest, celebrating photography across northwest British Columbia.

This year, 2017, will be the third year for the festival in Kitimat,BC.


North West Photo Fest is held each year on the second weekend of August, so in 2017 it  will happen on August 11, 12 and 13.


Celebrating and featuring North West talent

The festival features the photographic talent in the British Columbia northwest. We live among some of the most spectacular scenery in the world that features wildlife from humpback whales and orcas, grizzly and black bears to tiny songbirds. The region is more and more in the news, so photojournalism is a vital field to explain the north west of Canada and the world.

Photographers in this region also explore all aspects of the image, with portraiture and projects that push the limits of the comfort zone.

The long term aim of North West Photo Fest is to involve more photographers from the north west region. As the festival expands in coming years, we will attract more photographers from across British Columbia, from the rest of Canada and the United States who wish to use their talents to photograph the beauty of the northwest.

Small town

Kitimat has about 8,000 residents and many of the towns across the northwest are a similar size or smaller.

The second aim of North West Photo Fest is to acknowledge the special challenages of photography in a small town where, as Kitimat photographer, Dwight Magee noted in his 2016 talk, “everyone knows your name.”

This mandate is explored through both the annual exhibition at the Kitimat Museum and Archives and in the talks and workshops at the festival.

The long term aim of this part of our mandate is to put the North West Photo Fest on the world photography stage by emphasizing the richness of small town photography at a time when more and more work seems to be concentrated in major metropolitan cities.

Talks, seminars and workshops

In 2016, North West Photo Fest held a day of talks and semnars at the Riverlodge Recreation Centre, featuring both guest speakers and local photographers. In 2017, we plan to expand our offerings to include practical seminars, handson workshops and photo walks.

History of the North West Photo Fest

In 2015, the Kitimat Museum & Archives held the successful “Local Lens” exhibit of works by Kitimat photographers.

Based on that success, Kitimat and area photographers and their supporters began planning to expand to a friendly regional photo festival for August 2016.

Northwestern British Columbia's celebration of photography, Kitimat, BC