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Here’s the Saturday, August 12 lineup for North West Photo Fest seminars and workshops

Here’s the lineup for Saturday August 12

Tickets available from Eventbrite online

or in person at the Kitimat Museum and Archives

$70 for adults $40 for students

8:00 am Registration opens at Riverlodge in Kitimat

9:00 am Welcome

Joanne Monaghan Room

9:15 am 

Andy Clark Telling Stories with Pictures

Joanne Monaghan Room

Malcolm Park Astrophotography 

Activity Room

10:45 am  Coffee and Door Prizes

11:00 am 

Candice Ward Sports Photography 

Joanne Monaghan Room

Dwight Magee Life of an Industrial Photographer

Activity Room

12:00 pm

Lunch and Learn – Sponsored by Save-On-Foods.

(Lunch provided by Save-on-Foods)

Duncan Peacock Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue: Safety on the Ocean 

Joanne Monaghan Room

Walter Thorne  Canada 150 – A Pictorial History of the Kitimat Region 
Jim Thorne will substitute for Walter Thorne who is now unavailable for that time.

Activity Room

1:15 pm

Brandon Broderick Backcountry Photography ‘

Joanne Monaghan Room

Colin Horabin Culture and Nature Photography

Activity Room

2:00 pm

Coffee and Door Prizes

2:10 pm 

Practical Questions and Answers

For those who have questions about their cameras and
photography, our guests and local experts will answer
your questions: Andy Clark, Candice Ward, Dwight Magee,
Malcolm Park and Robin Rowland.

Activity Room

Jay Gough  Nikon Long Lens Wildlife and Nature Photography

Joanne Monaghan Room

4:00 pm

Coffee and Door Prizes

4:15 pm

Panel on Wildlife, Nature and Outdoor Photography:

Brandon Broderick, Colin Horabin, Jay Gough and

Malcolm Park

Johanne Monaghan Room

5:15 pm

Final Door Prizes and Wrap-up for the day

Johanne Monaghan Room

7:30 pm

Barbeque (BBQ ticket required)

Minette Bay Lodge


Here’s the lineup for the North West Photo Fest photo walks and practical workshops on the evening of Saturday, August 12 and the morning of Saturday, August 13.

Download the 2017 seminar program (pdf)

Photofest Program 2017web





Dwight Magee talks about the life of an industrial photographer at North West Photo Fest

From photographing corporate leaders to the people who actually make the products we use every day, Dwight Magee’s life as a corporate photographer has never been short of subjects to capture and challenges that most photographers have never thought of.

Working in an industrial environment means dealing with dusty conditions and the problems that causes with lenses and censors. Fighting magnetism which impacts both the cameras ability to focus and it’s shutter system. Put on a pair of oven mitts and try and take photos with your camera and you’ll start to understand the safety considerations an industrial photographer also has to work around.

The job is never dull. Some days you’re standing outside a helicopter on it’s landing skid flying at 4,000 feet and some days you’ll find yourself unexpectedly stuck on a mountain top. And then there are the days you’re working in 100 degree plus conditions.

The Kitimat Modernization Project (Dwight Magee)

Dwight will share  a collection of photographs he has taken over the years working and share first hand some of the challenges he has faced to get the photos that most take for granted.

Terrace photographer Brandon Broderick joins North West Photo Fest lineup

Brandon Broderick was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1986. Most of his time as a child was spent exploring the outdoors which is what lead to his love of the natural world.

After high school, Brandon studied Fish and Wildlife at Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario. It was during his second year of college that he discovered an interest in photography. Using a 3.2 megapixel Sony point-and-shoot camera, Brandon captured simple landscape images to use as his personal desktop backgrounds for my computer.

It wasn’t until friends began to ask to use his images as their own desktop backgrounds that he thought photography might be worth pursuing. After graduating college, he purchased a second-hand Canon Rebel 6 megapixel DSLR camera complete with 18-55mm and 70-300mm lenses. Since then, he has been learning and practicing new techniques in order to grow as a photographer. Brandon has lived in Terrace for just over 5 years now.

He spends his free time exploring this beautiful part of the province and photographing the all the wildlife and landscapes it has to offer. Brandon will be talking about his adventures in wildlife photography and give participants hints on how to use camera traps.

Nikon’s Wildlife and Birding Basics – North West Photo Fest 2017 – How to get the shot. The first time, and every time.

Long lens photography is challenging, yet extremely rewarding. We want you to leave North West Photo Fest with skills that will benefit you in every situation you might face while shooting wildlife.

Jay Gough

Join Jay Gough, BC Professional Services and Tech Sales Representative from Nikon Canada, for a two part series designed to make you a better long lens photographer.

On Saturday, August 12, at Kitimat’s Riverlodge Recreation Centre, Jay will cover some of theory, techniques, and technology involved in the successful capture of far away subjects in a classroom environment. Bring your notepad, as a lot of information will be shared, all of which will be applicable on day two.

On the Sunday August 13, Jay will take you out of the classroom to put what you’ve learned into practice, in and around Kitimat, probably at a waterfront location.

You will be in one of the most spectacular locations on earth for long lens photography, and as an added bonus; Jay will bring some of Nikon’s best long lenses and wildlife focused bodies, for you to try during the second part of the workshop series.

You do not have to be a Nikon, or even a DSLR shooter to join this workshop. The tips, tricks and techniques will benefit almost everybody with the will to learn. If you’re going to try a camera please bring your own memory cards.

We’re confident that you will come away with new skills, and new confidence in your abilities as a wildlife photographer. The next time you have wildlife in your viewfinder, you’ll come away with a photograph you can be proud of.

Astrophotographer Malcolm Park is our first guest speaker at North West Photo Fest

This year  North West Photo Fest coincides with the Perseid Meteor Shower  which peaks every year between August 11 and August 14.

So we’ve invited Malcolm Park to be one of guest speakers for North West Photo Fest 2017. You can see some of his work,  including astrophotography,  at his website

Malcolm Park is a past-president of the North York Astronomical Association (NYAA) in Toronto and was also the coordinator of Starfest, Canada’s largest annual Starparty and amateur astronomy conference. Recently retired after over 30 years in the banking industry, Malcolm pursues his passions for astronomy and photography from his home in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada.

The Carina Nebula (NGC 3372) photographed by Malcolm Park in Cerro Pachon, Chile, March 2017. (Malcolm Park)

Malcolm’s images have been published in various publications such as the Toronto Star newspaper, SkyNews, Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines, and online websites like, Global News, the, and NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). Malcolm has contributed still and timelapse astrophotography to the Oasis channel television series Cosmic Vistas and the documentary film StarMen. interview with Malcolm Park about shooting meteor showers:

Geminid meteor shower: How to watch the last big show of the year

Malcolm Park will be giving a talk about astrophotography and conducting an overnight astrophotography workshop. We’ll post details as planning for North West Photo Fest 2017 is firmed up.

North West Photo Fest 2017 January 15 update

It’s time to start thinking about the warm summer days of mid-August and North West Photo Fest 2017.

We know from the evaluation forms that participants wanted more hands on workshops as well as talks from guest speakers. We are also exploring the possibility of photo walks and even tours around the festival time.

We’re looking for detailed input and suggestions for the 2017 Photo Festival. So please consider these questions. You can respond by e-mail.

Remember that this is only the third year for the Photo Festival and our budget is still limited.

1. The registration fee for 2016 was a nominal $25. which included the lunch. We are thinking of raising the registration fee to at least $75 this year. Festivals with workshops similar to North West Photo Fest  usually charge between $350 to $900 for full participation over a Friday to Sunday schedule. What registration fee would be best for 2017 if it included talks at Riverlodge, workshops and local photo walks from Friday August 11 to Sunday August 13?
2. Do you have any suggestions for special guest speakers? We are able to pay for distinguished guests’ transportation, expenses, accommodation and meals. In 2016, our out of town guests waived  any speakers’ fees. We would like to be able to pay at least an honorarium for distinguished speakers this year, but that will depend on our fund raising efforts.
3. Workshops: What kind of hands on workshops would you like to see at the Festival in 2017?
4. Workshops: If you are a local photographer, amateur, semi-professional or professional in northwest BC, would you like to conduct a workshop? If so please email what you would plan to do, how many people it would involve, and your level of expertise and teaching experience.
5. If we conducted short photo walks near Riverlodge or around the District of Kitimat, what would you want to do?
6. Should the Photo Festival have community activities in Kitimat this year? What kind?
7. Part of our long term plan is to hold photo tours down Douglas Channel. Would you participate in this kind of event? Knowing that recreational fishers pay up to a $1000 a day for a Douglas Channel expedition how much would you be willing to pay to participate in a tour of five to ten people, depending on availability of a boat at the height of the fishing season?

Professional photographers in British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska, Alberta or Washington who have experience in conducting workshops or photo tours and would like to participate, knowing we are on a limited budget for our first years, please contact us by e-mail.

We are also looking for support from business in the community. If your business would like to be a sponsor of North West Photo Fest or you know a business that would like to sponsor the Photo Festival contact us by email.

We will need volunteers to make it happen, whether the volunteers are working from now until August for the festival, or if the volunteers can offer specific, short term assistance, all are welcome. We need volunteers to help with fundraising, promotion and logistics to take some of the burden off the steering committee. If we want to expand to have more community activities we also need more volunteers.
We already have one exciting special guest lined up for the weekend and we are talking more prospective guests. We will announce the special guest list as soon as we have confirmation that they can attend.

The Photo Exhibit Canada 150

The photo exhibit this year will focus on the celebrations of Canada’s 150th birthday while at the same time remaining true to our themes of celebrating the British Columbia northwest and honouring small town life. So start thinking of images you could submit. To participate in the North West Photo Fest exhibit you must be a resident of the BC northwest (roughly within the boundaries of the Skeena Bulkley Valley federal riding).


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