2018 Photo-walks

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Pine Lake

July 28: Time TBA

An easy 6.1 km loop trail around Pine Lakes, the trail offers scenic views of the surrounding mountains, wetlands and lakes.



Alpine trek

August 18

This trek with Jim Thorne is for photographers who wish to capture dramatic landscapes.  It will also interest those into birds (bring a telephoto lens with good ‘reach’), wildflowers & other plants (a macro lens can be useful if you own one).  The terrain near the summit is cloaked in heather and  dwarf alpine forest & is generally easy to walk over, and there is a road to follow if you wish.

Sturdy footwear is recommended (though you don’t need to have heavy-duty boots), as is a water and windproof Gore-Tex type jacket.  Bring a lunch and bug spray.  This location is worthwhile even if the weather is less than perfect.


$15.00 Register at the Kitimat Museum & Archives


Minette Bay Lodge trails

Sunday, August 5: 7 p.m.

A leisurely stroll with instructor Ruth Mills on the Minette Bay Lodge trails; could include tidal flats. Focus on micro and macro photography.

*tea is available through Minette Bay Lodge for $20 per person.  Arrange through the Lodge at 250-632-2907


$12.00 Register at the Kitimat Museum & Archives

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