2018 Guest Speakers

Sunday, August 11: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Photo Seminars and talks at Riverlodge Recreation Centre, with guest speakers:


$7.50 to $25.00 register at Eventbrite

Jason Kazuta


The start of my interest in wildlife photography started in 1995, when I went to Banff with family and encountered the Elk, Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel, Chipmunks, and bears. By then, I had a decent SLR in the Minolta 7xi and a few lenses. My interest was mostly a casual one until I bought my first DSLR, the Minolta 7D in 2005 and my first true telephoto lens, a Sigma 170-500mm lens. This enabled me to photograph what became my passion: the Bald Eagles and other birds of prey. In addition to birds of prey, my other passion is bears. The only bears around my house are Black Bears, but I would love to photograph Grizzlies in the wild.

Craig Minielly

Photographer, Craig Minielly

A Nikon Ambassador, Craig was first published at the age of thirteen, then freelanced on weekends before “officially starting his career” when he was hired into the press realm two years later.

He’s always pursued the storytelling image and since been published worldwide in the fields of editorial, advertising, and corporate assignments.

With a passion for travel, light styling and a flair for on-location and underwater opportunities, his image creations are a combination of diverse influences from the editorial team he started with, the commercial industry he thrived in, and the portrait culture he has always been a part of.

An avid sailor on his 40’ Bavaria and scuba diver any chance he can, he’s always been a fresh air enthusiast and travel hound for any destination past the horizon.

As a featured presenter to events across Canada, the US & Internationally, he has a long list of credentials including multiple Photographer of the Year Awards, Association Masters degrees, the Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award and is a member of The Explorer Club.

Mike Ambach

Mike Ambach is a Prince Rupert photographer who has lived in the Northwest since 2006. He does private, commercial and event photography in the Northwest, as well as offering fine art printing and photography workshops. Past clients have included Gwaii Haanas Park & Heritage Reserve, Citywest, Tourism Northern B.C. plus over 50 small businesses in the Prince Rupert area.  His own work (www.mikeambach.com) focuses on contemporary social and environmental landscapes and has been exhibited in Smithers, Terrace and Prince Rupert.

2018 Photo Walks

a man with glasses and a tilly hat looks into the cameraJim Thorne
I have lived in Kitimat since 1977, for most of that time working as a technician at Rio Tinto (Alcan).   Now retired, I never tire of hiking through and photographing this area in every season.  I have a good knowledge of the area & its flora & fauna, though I don’t claim to be an expert.  I have been into photography since I was a teenager, having used film cameras for many years, and in more recent years have migrated to digital.  Though I am familiar with all that photography jargon (‘f-stops’, exposure values & depth-of-field) I again do not consider myself as anything more than a photo enthusiast.
I am married (Elizabeth) and have one son (Ben), an Olympic-level athlete, & also into photography.
I have spent numerous ‘good’ hours walking & picture-taking in the alpine & our day promises more of the same.

Ruth Mills

I have been a resident of Kitimat for 37 years, and am the owner of Minette Bay Lodge and Osprey photo studio.


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